Feb 13, 2014

Sunrise in Arches National Park from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Sunrises in Arches NP

Just posted a sunrise video from our trek down to Arches National Park. See the photos here.


Feb 10, 2014

Canyonlands: Islands in the Sky

We made our sixth visit to Canyonlands last week. This time we stayed up in Islands in the Sky. We captured a sunset from the Grand View Overlook, hiked to Mesa Arch and White Rim Overlook, reminisced about floating the Colorado through Canyonlands and Cataract Canyon, and driving the Shafer trail, one of the sketchiest roads I've ever driven. Enjoy the video and pictures here.


Arches National Park

We escaped from the snow last week and drove down to Moab. We spent a couple of days in Arches National Park, Hiking, driving and shooting photos and video. Went out for two sunrises and caught the glorious early morning light on the sandstone walls. Enjoy the rest of the pictures here.


Jan 30, 2014

Winter Storm

Just posted the newest of my GoPro Adventures. See the rest of my GoPro Adventuring posts here.



Jan 29, 2014

See the pink light of dawn on snow-covered Aspens

 Trekked out on snowshoes at dawn to capture the pink first light through the Aspen trees in our meadow. Also added several video clips of sunrise and sunset. See the pics/video here.


More GoPro Adventures

Two new GoPro adventures:

Skiing the Driveway from Gregg Burch on Vimeo. Wonderful fun after a 10" dump of snow.

Rocky Mountain National Park from Gregg Burch on Vimeo. Join us for a winter drive into Rocky with the GoPro suction cupped to the roof. Check out the rest of my video posts, A Year Exploring with my GoPro Hero 3+.


Do you have a vibrant inner faith?

In this article, David Brooks describes the difference between a vibrant inner faith, and a faith characterized by tradition and ritual. He describes the strong vein of hostility towards orthodox religious believers felt by the young. We have all heard the epithets: “judgmental,” “hypocritical,” “old-fashioned” and “out of touch.” Yet, he also describes a faith much deeper. He quotes Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel from his book “God in Search of Man”: 

Heschel understood that the faith expressed by many, even many who are inwardly conflicted, is often dull, oppressive and insipid — a religiosity in which “faith is completely replaced by creed, worship by discipline, love by habit; when the crisis of today is ignored because of the splendor of the past; when faith becomes an heirloom rather than a living fountain; when religion speaks only in the name of authority rather than with the voice of compassion.”

There must be something legalistic in the human makeup, because cold, rigid, unambiguous, unparadoxical belief is common, especially considering how fervently the Scriptures oppose it.

He goes on to describe a silent majority who experience a faith that is attractively marked by combinations of fervor and doubt, clarity and confusion, empathy and moral demand.Read the rest of the article here.


Jan 25, 2014

Never Give Up!

I saw this image here on Facebook today. It is a wonderful illustration of the need to see reality clearly when we make a plan. Most visions fail because we misidentify our starting point. We think we are closer to the vision than we actually are. This is what structural thinking is all about. Have you discovered the disconnects with reality in your worldview? If you don't clearly see your starting point, and the road ahead, you will rarely end up where you desire. For more, take a look at this post.


Jan 24, 2014

Raptor Tour of Boulder County

We went down and took a Raptor Tour with our friend Beverly. We do this every winter. This trip we were blessed to find a pair of Great Horned Owls, and a pair of Bald Eagles on a nest. Both of these are rare sightings. The picture above is an immature Bald Eagle. It takes five years for their head and tail to turn white. Check out the Hawk, Owl, and Eagle pictures here.


Jan 19, 2014

Incredible story of wealth addiction on Wall Street

Here is a courageous story of one trader facing his wealth addiction on Wall Street. For all my ambitious young friends who are looking to make their first million, I hope you read this.


Jan 17, 2014

Full Moon Rising

This clip includes stop-action of the sunset/moonrise over two consecutive nights from my GoPro Hero 3 and stills and video of the beautiful sunset from my Canon Digital SLR. Pictures from the front deck of our cabin in the Front Range of Colorado above Boulder. It is the latest of my Go Pro Adventures. See the rest here: A Year Exploring with my Go Pro Hero 3+.


Jan 14, 2014

Adventures with my new Go Pro Hero 3+

For Christmas, I go a Go Pro Hero 3+ video/still camera with a bunch of straps and accessories to attach it to moving objects. I am creating a blog of adventures with the Go Pro here. Here is one sample, follow the link to a stop-action sunset and sunrise, and action on the ski slopes at Eldora.

Learning to Drive from Gregg Burch on Vimeo. See the rest of the short clips here.



Jan 1, 2014

Final Photos posted to my Photo of the Week Blog

 Posted some Christmas pics and a bonus shot of Bull Elk on New Year's Day to finish out my Photo of the Week-2013 blog post. See the pics here. Happy New Year.


10 Church Planting Tips from 2013

Spotted this piece on this New Year's Day. Here are 10 tips for church planting. Good ideas. See them here.


Dec 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution: Find Balance, or at least Healthy Boundaries???

Sistemas de medidas

Image from Wikimedia Commons

I recently read an HBR blog post suggesting that happy workaholics should seek healthy boundaries, not balance in their lives. My experience is that being a workaholic does not often lead to a happy life. Our business culture in the US demands that we focus on career to the detriment of anything else if we aspire to the corner office.

But, the challenge is that most of the 25-45 year old professionals and entrepreneurs I coach are not willing to forgo any semblance of balance for career. Struggling with finding rest? Struggling to be present in the moment when you are away from work? Does work occupy your mind all your waking hours? Do you awake at night worrying about your work? If so, perhaps this year you might want to discover how to abide in Jesus and find abundant life. Check out this post if you desire more in your life than just work.


Dec 2, 2013

Panda Cub Twins at Zoo Atlanta

Genie and I got to see the Zoo Atlanta Panda Cub Twins over the weekend. These are the first twins to survive birth in an American Zoo, so it is an exciting moment at the zoo. Genie is a volunteer docent and amimal handler, so we are there a lot. See the Panda Pictures here.


Nov 27, 2013

What makes men happy?

Just read the results of a 75 year study of what makes men happy. The stated goal of the Harvard study was to determine what factors contribute most strongly to human flourishing. See the study report here. For complete details, check out the book that came out of this work, Triumph of Experience. 

The seventy-five years and twenty million dollars expended on the Grant Study points to a straightforward five-word conclusion: “Happiness is love.  Full stop.”  In Triumphs of Experience, Vaillant raises a number of factors more often than others, but the one he refers to most often is the powerful correlation between the warmth of your relationships and your health and happiness in your later years. Those scoring highest with regard to ‘warm relationships’ also earned significantly more money and professional success.

Other Key Findings:

  • Marriages bring much more contentment after age 70
  • Physical aging after 80 determined less by heredity than by habits formed prior to age 50.
  • Alcoholism is the single strongest cause of divorce
  • No noticeable difference in maximum income earned by men with IQs in the 110-115 range vs. men above 150
  • Aging liberals have way more sex.  Most conservative men on average stop having sex around age 68, while the most liberal men had healthy sex lives well into their 80s.

Hear a podcast describing the results:



Nov 20, 2013

Girl drops a coin into a hat and see what happens

After a girl drops a coin into a hat, the man begins to play the bass.......


That which is normally called love is often extreme selfishness. Our need to have love reflected back to us contaminates it. True love asks nothing in return.

Harvey Cheatham paraphrasing Alice Bailey


Photo of the Week-Week 45

Atlanta BeltLine Art-Week 46

My photo of the week for last week. We have been walking the Atlanta BeltLine taking pictures of the art. See the rest of the photos here. 


13 Things Mentally Strong People don't do

Great list of what not to do if you want to live the abundant life. See it here.


Nov 18, 2013

Hiking trails around Atlanta and North Georgia

Henry Mill Falls in in Cochran Mill Park. Found this wonderful website listing the best trails around Atlanta and beyond. Check out Atlanta Hiking Trails here.


Nov 16, 2013

Fall Leaf Tour of North Georgia


 Added new photos to my post Fall Leaf Tour of North Georgia. See the video and pics here.


Nov 15, 2013

Great post from Rachel Held Evans: On Being Divisive

When those who speak truth to power in the church are called divisive, it is often an attempt to preserve the status quo and silence the critic in the name of 'unity.' Great post on why that isn't Biblical. See it here.


Nov 13, 2013

How ego sabotages your creativity

See how your ego can lead to underperformance through playing the victim, aggressively defending your turf, or being easily offended. See the post here. On a similar note, I wrote a post about how your Identity can interfere with spiritual growth here. 


Nov 10, 2013

Photo of the Week-Week 44

Fall Leaves-Week 44

Check out my Photo of the Week pics here. See my photo/video post of our fall leaf tour here. 


Nov 9, 2013

Meditate on this for two minutes.


Nov 6, 2013

How to Reconnect with your Life-Robert Fritz

Great post from my mentor and teacher Robert Fritz. Check it here.


Artful Aerial Views of Human Impact on Earth

With the human population of earth expanding from 2.5 to 7.5 billion in my lifetime, the impact on our planet is stunning. See the photos.


Anna Ruby Falls from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Fall Hike up Anna Ruby Falls in Unicoi State Park

A two and a half minute walk up to Anna Ruby Falls. Can you spare a few moments for what Richard Foster calls prayers of adoration in awe of God's creation? If you like the video, see the photos here.

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