For Christmas, Genie gave me a Go Pro Hero 3+ Camera. Last year, I took my photography up a notch by doing a Photo of the Week 2013 blog. It was a lot of fun, but created a challenge for me to always be looking for something to shoot. Given my preference for nature and wildlife photography, that's not difficult in Colorado, but more of a challenge in Atlanta.

So, this year I am planning to focus on video. I've gotten several attachments for the Go Pro, to strap it on a helmet, or around my chest. Also got a suction cup to attach it to a car, and a flexible clamp as well. Below you will see the video clips from adventuring with my Go Pro. I will keep the newest posting at the top, with the earlier clips below. Watch my progression as I learn to do fun stuff with Go Pro.

We took the family on a Spring Break Trip to Puerto Rico (Photos here). Stayed a couple of nights in Old San Juan at El Convento, then off to Las Casitas at El Conquistador Beach Resort. I took the GoPro to the Coqui Water Park at the resort. Check out the fun:

Here we took a Segway Tour of Old San Juan, the city walls and El Morro. Check it:

Here is an introduction to the back country ski trails on Eagle Peak. We hike these trails in summer, and ski them in winter. Enjoy.

Next, I set up the tripod over at our Mountain Hytte and did a time lapse of the sun setting over the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain National Park. Long's Peak and Twin Sisters are in the view.

I spent two evenings trying to capture a full moon rising above Boulder. Clouds over the horzon obscured the view of the moonrise, but the blue colors just before dark were incredible. The second day, you can see storm clouds covering Boulder. They look like waves crashing on a shore as the tide rolls in. By the end, they are moving up the canyon towards us.

During our winter break in Moab, we took a Sunset Hummer Tour of the Hell's Revenge 4x4 trails in the slick rock above Moab. We didn't realize we were on the very first tour this year. There was still significant snow and ice on the north facing slopes, so we could not do the full exploration. I suction cupped the GoPro to the hood of the Hummer and caught some mesmerizing video. You can hear the thrum of the diesel engine, the sounds of springs, shocks and the frame flexing as we rode the trails. At the very end, I caught my first photos of Mountain Bluebirds, and some great sunset footage.

We spent three days in Arches National Park the first week of February. Two mornings, we got up to capture time lapse sunrise footage in the park. Check out the clips. See my Arches photos here.

We like to take a break from the snow and visit Moab in the winter. Here is video of Canyonlands: Islands in the Sky. Captured a time lapse sunset, and complemented it with video from my Canon as we hiked, drove and enjoyed the spectacular scenery of canyons with mountains and snow. To see my Canyonlands photos, look here.

A winter storm was coming in Sunday night. I captured time lapse video of the storm rolling in at sunset. We were in a fog all night and the next day. During the next night, the sky cleared, and I got up at dawn to capture the pink first light on nearly a foot of new snow. Enjoy.

After the winter storm dumped 10" of fresh snow at the cabin, we went skiing on the driveway in our cross country skis. Wind just about blew us off the road a few times.

We took a winter driving tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. We attached the GoPro to the roof with a suction cup, and away we went. Enjoy snow-blown Rocky with pictures of a bobcat, mule deer, elk and bighorn sheep. 

In the aftermath of a snowstorm, we arose to see fog in the canyons below us. As the sun rose, the fog slowly dissipates, draining down towards Boulder.

 This clip includes stop-action of the sunset/moonrise over two consecutive nights from my GoPro and stills and video of the beautiful sunset from my Canon Digital SLR. Pictures from the front deck of our cabin in the Front Range of Colorado above Boulder. Enjoy.

We had a winter storm watch, with winds of 30-40 mph as a storm was blowing in from Canada. This was one of those three day blows when it is miserable to go out in blowing snow. But, here I captured a sunset over our meadow in stop-action. I started off taking one 7MP picture every five seconds. As the color began to appear, I slowed down to one picture every two seconds, then one second. As the color faded, I went back to two and then five second intervals. I set the camera on the narrowest range of view, so you could see the ridgeline. Enjoy.

Annabelle wanted a Fisher Price Ford Mustang electric car for Christmas. I was skeptical, knowing it would never fit in a car for the ride back to Atlanta. But, Santa brought one to her out here. I'm glad, and you will be too, when you see the fun. I learned to drive in a '65 Mustang. My daughter, Florrie, learned to drive in a '85 Mustang. Now, Annabelle, Leo, Miya and Jazzy will learn to drive in a Mustang too. This Go Pro is great at capturing the fun.

I wanted to check out the stop-action mode. So, I got up at 5:30 AM, strapped the Go Pro to a log post on the deck. I set the camera to take one 7MP picture every 10 seconds. Go Pro comes with a software package called Go Pro Studio. It automatically converts these stop action pictures into video. The battery lasted about an hour in the cold. Here is the result:

Son-in-law Kevin Byrd took the camera out first. He and Florrie went to Eldora Mountain Resort, about 40 minutes from the cabin. I didn't have any of the attachments yet, so Kevin held his ski poles in one hand and the Go Pro in the other hand. Here's the result: