I'm a follower of Christ, seeking authentic discipleship community. My calling is coaching and equipping entrepreneurial leaders to live out their full potential. This site is home to my thoughts on leadership and discipleship. For years now, I've been seeking God's faint path.  I stumble across it from time to time. I'm sharing the journey and lessons learned here as we develop a series of books that may help you find God's faint path.

I'm passionate about fly-fishing, photography and travel. My wife Genie and I have been married since 1972 and have two children, Florrie and Andy, and three wonderful granddaughters. Andy, his wife Alissa, and daughters Miya and Jasmine live in Fort Collins.  Florrie, her husband Kevin Byrd, and Annabelle live in Atlanta.  Genie and I split our time living in downtown Atlanta and off the grid in the mountains above Boulder.

My daughter, Florrie, is my editor and co-author.  It is a blessing to collaborate with her on this blog and book. My son-in-law Kevin Byrd is my web designer, and publishing consultant.  Florrie and Kevin are helping me navigate the postmodern world in my attempt to reach beyond my own generation of boomers. 

People ask me from time to time what work I will do besides writing and blogging.

Executive & Life Coaching: I am excited about my work as a coach, and have several relationships now.
Oganizational Structural Consulting: This process surfaces the key issues and seeks to resolve them with movement towards a clearly articulated compelling vision.
Vision and Strategy Development: From working with people to clarify their personal vision to large scale exercises involving many people, I bring a process that will organize your energy, both personal and organizational around the vision.
Personal Structural Consulting:  The greatest gift I can give anyone is a Structural Conversation.  This process of inquiry will help you see reality clearly and find structures that may be sabotaging your success.

If you would like to explore any of these possibilities, I'd like to talk. For a more thorough understanding of who I am and what I could bring into a consulting or coaching relationship, see my Gallup StrengthsFinder report here.


Gregg Burch

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