Jan 9, 2012

Top Ten Posts for 2011

Launched the blog in November 2010, as I started anew. In 2011, we had 6590 Visits from 4037 People in 85 Countries and 15,798 Pageviews. Thanks for showing up, and returning. Blessings for 2012.

3DM: A Taste of Discipleship: an overview of discipleship taster with Mike Breen

Successful Visioning in Church: what's needed to create a healthy vision

The Iceberg Model: a look at where the leverage is for change

Discover Who You Are with Life Keys: discovering gifts, values and passions

Learn your Conflict Resolution Style: measuring your conflict/negotiation style

How will you Deal with Betrayal? how Jesus modeled this important work

Core Theory of Success: success & the quality of your relationships

Gallup Strengthsfinder: Gallup's process of uncovering your strengths

Reveal Spiritual Life Survey: an instrument to measure spiritual maturity

Eyes to See; Ears to Hear: we each are gifted to see and hear differently