May 23, 2012

Ski in Fly Fishing


My favorite memory from our trip. Morten Langoy and Marit Berling were hosting us at their cabin in Aadnaram (Sirdal) Norway. We had driven up from their home in Stavanger to stay the weekend at their hytte, as they call it. We drove about fifteen minutes up a road into the mountains, and stopped to ski.

Morten packed in makings of a hot lunch, and brought the fly rod. Here, you can see we've stopped for lunch by a partially melted out creek. You can see our skis standing in the snow as Morten casts into the stream hoping to move a trout. No luck fishing, but it is one of the most beautiful spots I've seen in my whole life. And, its the kind of place Morten and Marit ski with friends every weekend in winter. They say, "If the snow will still hold a man by the middle of June, it's going to be a late spring."

As the Norwegians would say, "We didn't suffer."

Here is the hytte: