Dec 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution: Find Balance, or at least Healthy Boundaries???

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Image from Wikimedia Commons

I recently read an HBR blog post suggesting that happy workaholics should seek healthy boundaries, not balance in their lives. My experience is that being a workaholic does not often lead to a happy life. Our business culture in the US demands that we focus on career to the detriment of anything else if we aspire to the corner office.

But, the challenge is that most of the 25-45 year old professionals and entrepreneurs I coach are not willing to forgo any semblance of balance for career. Struggling with finding rest? Struggling to be present in the moment when you are away from work? Does work occupy your mind all your waking hours? Do you awake at night worrying about your work? If so, perhaps this year you might want to discover how to abide in Jesus and find abundant life. Check out this post if you desire more in your life than just work.