Jul 7, 2015

Culture trumps Vision

This article from the Leadership Network is the best I've seen on culture in churches. One of the points made: "The way people are treated, the way they treat their peers, and their response to their leaders is the air people breathe. If that air is clean and healthy, people thrive and the organization succeeds, but to the extent that it is stagnant, discouraging, or genuinely toxic, energy subsides, creativity lags, conflicts multiply, and production declines. I’m not suggesting that churches and nonprofits drop their goals and spend their time holding hands and saying sweet things to each other. A strong, vibrant culture stimulates people to be and do their very best and reach the highest goals."

I spent an hour today talking with my friend and teacher Rosalind Fritz today. I talked about the article for a minute, and she promptly pointed out that structure trumps culture. Indeed, structure operates at a deeper level, as indicated in this post: The Iceberg Model, illustrated below.