Aug 23, 2015

Meteor Shower from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Perseid Meteor Shower

We went out to our firepit from 2 to 3 AM to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. Check out the photos we captured. Enjoy.


Storm over Boulder from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

The Power of God's Creation

Watched a storm pass through over Boulder from the porch of our cabin. Caught some video. Check it. Learn more about off-grid log cabin living here.


May 20, 2015

Robert Fritz: Fundamentals of Structural Thinking

Here is a 30 minute introduction to the Fundamentals of Structural Thinking from my mentor and teacher Robert Fritz.


Nov 20, 2014

Intersection of Faith and Work from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Theology of Vocation: Priesthood of all Believers

Our Lead Pastor at City Church Eastside, Scott Armstrong, invited me to join him in a six month Vocation Infusion Learning Journey this year. We traveled to four events across the country in six months. We read books, deepened our learning and saw how others bring this deeper understanding to life in their churches.

Join us for a twenty minute dialog on what we learned on this journey. See how your work is a calling from God just as sacred as any work in the church or nonprofit world. Enjoy.


Nov 1, 2014

Robert Fritz - The Path of Least Resistance from Robert Fritz on Vimeo.

The Path of Least Resistance

Seminal video describing the work of my mentor and teacher Robert Fritz. Lays out the fundamentals of structural thinking. Been using this video in my structural consulting for years.


Oct 10, 2014

Mile High Gliding from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Mile High Gliding

For my birthday, Genie gave me an hour long flight in a glider over the Front Range near Boulder. It was something I had wanted to do for 20 years, yet, when she booked the flight I had second thoughts. The reality of being towed up to 10,000 feet and cut loose without an engine made me a bit nervous. When I saw the plane, a bit of a beater many years old, my confidence did not increase. I found the limits of my courage, but pushed through and flew high up over the cabin and the Indian Peaks. Incredible experience, but I believe I have scratched that itch. See the photos here.


May 22, 2014

Theology of Vocation

I am taking part in a learning community with Scott Armstrong, our lead pastor at City Church Eastside to look at how we can bring a deep theology of vocation to our community. Most churches don't equip their people to live out their faith at their work. Check out this short video that illustrates this point. 


May 7, 2014

Eagle Peak Sunset from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Sunset on the Divide

19 men came to the mountain last Thursday for our third Manmaker Leadership Retreat. Our topic was Biblical Masculinity, and we used a book called Men of Courage by Larry Crabb. We cooked beef tenderloin on the grill as we sipped craft brew, spirits and wine. Then, we took the guitar over to the Mountain Hytte to sit around a bonfire. Here is a video clip of the waning light of sunset over the divide. 


Feb 16, 2014

Moab Sunset Hummer Tour from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Moab Sunset Hummer Tour

We spent three days touring Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. While we were there, we took a Sunset Hummer Tour of the Hell's Revenge 4x4 trail. Found out we were the first tour of the season. We were the only ones signed up. Incredible to see where a Hummer can go (and where it can't). The video is almost 8 minutes. If you don't find it as mesmerizing as i do, be sure to look at the sunset at the end. Enjoy.


Feb 13, 2014

Sunrise in Arches National Park from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Time Lapse Sunrises in Arches NP

Just posted a sunrise video from our trek down to Arches National Park. See the photos here.


Nov 20, 2013

Girl drops a coin into a hat and see what happens

After a girl drops a coin into a hat, the man begins to play the bass.......


Nov 9, 2013

Meditate on this for two minutes.


Nov 6, 2013

Anna Ruby Falls from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Fall Hike up Anna Ruby Falls in Unicoi State Park

A two and a half minute walk up to Anna Ruby Falls. Can you spare a few moments for what Richard Foster calls prayers of adoration in awe of God's creation? If you like the video, see the photos here.

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Oct 18, 2013

Operation Kindness. Go ahead, make my day.

Acts of kindness will bring up your happiness.


Sep 25, 2013

An Experiment in Gratitude

What a great use of 7 minutes. It will touch your heart. Happiness.


Sep 23, 2013

Video of Flyfishing with 900 lb Brown Bears on the Brooks River in Alaska

Ever since we saw Thomas Mengleson's photo 20 years ago of a Bear catching a Salmon at the top of Brooks Falls we have wanted to see this place. In August, we traveled with Norwegian friends to spend a few days fishing for Rainbow Trout amongst the Brown Bears feasting on Salmon. Check it out. See photos and narrative here. 


Sep 6, 2013

Sara Groves

Sara Groves is one of her generation's best Christian singer-songwriters. Check out her latest.


May 30, 2013

When God Made Me - Neil Young

I've listened to Neil Young sing most of my adult life. I've never heard him sing anything prettier than this.


May 1, 2013

Leo gets his groove on from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Leo Gets His Groove On

Florrie was over for dinner with the grandkids. Here's a minute of Leo getting his groove on. Check it.


Apr 18, 2013

Tragic Cost of Non-Discipleship-David Platt

I've often thought of the cost of discipleship, but what about the cost of not choosing discipleship? Hadn't thought about it that way before. Thanks, David Platt.


Mar 28, 2013

Bryce Canyon National Park from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Bryce Canyon National Park

I've added video to the photoset of Bryce Canyon National Park. See the photos here.


Mar 17, 2013

Turkey Trot from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Riding homw from Estes Park the other day and about a dozen wild turkeys were slowly crossing the road in front of us. Turkeys are reknown for their keen vision, they are very hard to hunt, as I hear from my friends.


Mar 15, 2013

A Snog Rolls In from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

A Snog Rolls In

When fog rolls in here at 9000 feet in the winter, the cloud descends, and when it rolls out, we have a fresh blanket of snow. That's why we call it a snog. This one brought 5" of freshies to the cabin. Take a look.


Jan 6, 2013

Yellowstone from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Yellowstone in the Fall

Enjoy our trip up to Yellowstone for the second time this year. We saw wolves again this trip. We could also get to many of the geysers and hotsprings that were inaccessible last winter. If you want to see the wolves, go soon. Many of the collared wolves have wondered across the park boundary and been shot by hunters. The alpha female of the Lamar Canyon Pack was killed this winter. We saw her on our trip. See the rest of the photos here.


Sep 13, 2012

Grand Teton National Park from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Grand Tetons National Park

Video from our trip last week to the Grand Tetons. See the photos and story here.


Aug 25, 2012

Moose at Brainard Lake from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Moose at Brainard Lake

We went up to Brainard Lake on a picnic with our grandkids and stumbled upon a Bull Moose browsing in the bushes by the lake. We think he is part of the family that browses in our meadow during the winter. The snows up here in the Indian Peaks Wilderness are three feet deep all winter, so the moose come to lower elevations to winter, along with the elk and deer. Our meadow is at 9000 feet. Brainard Lake is 10,000 feet, and five miles away. See video of a female in our meadow last winter along with photos here.


Aug 9, 2012

Animate, with Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren, Nadia Bolz-Weber and a few friends have produced a new resource for adult faith formation for small groups and discipleship. Check it out. 


Jul 24, 2012

The Church's Role in Discipleship

David Platt is doing some great work multiplying disciples in Birmingham, AL. Give a look.


Jul 8, 2012

Yosemite Range of Light from Shawn Reeder on Vimeo.

Incredible Time Lapse Video

We visited Yosemite last year for the first time in nearly 40 years. See my pictures and story here. 


Jun 4, 2012

Fascinating interview with Diana Butler Bass

Bass suggests we are at the cusp of the end of church and religion as we know it. A spiritual awakening is dawning, and will disrupt many of the existing paradigms. I can't wait.