Nov 16, 2013

Fall Leaf Tour of North Georgia


 Added new photos to my post Fall Leaf Tour of North Georgia. See the video and pics here.


Nov 15, 2013

Great post from Rachel Held Evans: On Being Divisive

When those who speak truth to power in the church are called divisive, it is often an attempt to preserve the status quo and silence the critic in the name of 'unity.' Great post on why that isn't Biblical. See it here.


Nov 13, 2013

How ego sabotages your creativity

See how your ego can lead to underperformance through playing the victim, aggressively defending your turf, or being easily offended. See the post here. On a similar note, I wrote a post about how your Identity can interfere with spiritual growth here. 


Nov 10, 2013

Photo of the Week-Week 44

Fall Leaves-Week 44

Check out my Photo of the Week pics here. See my photo/video post of our fall leaf tour here. 


Nov 6, 2013

How to Reconnect with your Life-Robert Fritz

Great post from my mentor and teacher Robert Fritz. Check it here.


Artful Aerial Views of Human Impact on Earth

With the human population of earth expanding from 2.5 to 7.5 billion in my lifetime, the impact on our planet is stunning. See the photos.


Fall Leaf Tour of North Georgia

Blue Sky Backdrop

After spending a couple of days photographing the leaves around the Candler Park Golf Course, we spent last Monday driving around the North Georgia Mountains and hiking up to Anna Ruby Falls. The leaves are at their peak or a little past. If you haven't gone out leaf-peeping yet, get out there. See the pics.


Nov 2, 2013

Ferris Wheeling and Rooftop Boozing

That was the name of the Scoutmob curated deal that we enjoyed as part of my birthday celebration. Check out pictures of the SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel that takes you 200 feet into the sky. We followed that with a walk in Centennial Olympic Park where we watched the fountain light/music show. Then off to the Rooftop Bar on the Glen Hotel for a drink and a sunset view. Check the pics.


Fall Morning on St Simons Island-Photo of the Week-Week 43


Nov 1, 2013

Testing Strengthens our Faith

Times of trial and testing are spiritual and psychological at times even physical. We are holistic beings, and when we encounter turbulence in our lives, it expresses itself in many ways. During these times, I realized that faith is like a muscle. When everything is going great, the muscle gets very little exercise. These are the times when we experience God’s presence and movement in our lives. God’s power is on display. It is those other times, when God seems absent, that we have to call on our reserves of faith, and exercise the muscle. When we can call on the promises of God, even when He seems distant and we hear nothing from Him, that our faith is strengthened and grows. See the rest of the post here.


Oct 26, 2013

The Beach Club at St Simons Island

Red Sky at MorningGenie and I spent several days at the Beach Club at St Simons Island this week, celebrating our 41st anniversary. We love to go down to the island in the fall. Between Memorial and Labor Day, dogs aren't allowed on the beach between 9 and 5. In the fall, you can walk your dog all you want on the beach. The restaurants and beaches are much less crowded. The bugs are gone, but it is still beautiful weather. Came home with a bit of a sunburn. See the pictures here.


Oct 20, 2013

Great words on the difficulty of leading change in church

It is easier for clergy to use their influence to help a lay person's change effort than for the pastor to lead it him/herself. See why here.


Oct 17, 2013

Malcolm Gladwell: Why David often beats Goliath

David and Goliath: it's the biblical tale of how an underdog took down a giant which has been repeated throughout history. It's also the title of Malcolm Gladwell's provocative new book looking at why longshots succeed much more than we expect. The BBC's Katty Kay spoke with Gladwell about his findings on why we don't always understand advantages and disadvantages. See video here.


A Day with Jim Collins

A Day with Jim Collins.001

 I had the good fortune of spending a day with Jim Collins at a Leadership Event with 20 mega church pastors from around the country. We were working to apply the lessons of Good to Great to organizations in the Social Sector, nonprofits and churches. See the blog post with a link to a narrated Keynote presentation here.


Oct 5, 2013

Photo of the Week-Week 39

Eastern Screech Owl-Week 39

 My photo of the week is an Eastern Screech Owl. See where I got this picture and more Pictures of the Week here.


Oct 4, 2013

Vulnerability and Christianese

Rachel Held Evans talks of how we wrap our ideas in God language which prevents others from providing a healthy critique. Interesting and provocative thoughts. See the post here. 


Oct 1, 2013

Photos of the Week for September

Bighorn Ram-Week 35

 Between the Boulder Floods, which destroyed all the canyon roads down from our cabin, and our trip back to Atlanta, I did not post my photos of the week for several weeks. See four new ones here.


Sep 25, 2013

Why Discipleship Costs

Great post on how the desire to make membership easier and discipleship less costly results in dying churches and denominations. Good stuff from my partner in creating a three-year leadership learning journey for pastors in the Lutheran tribe. See the post here. 


Sep 22, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset and Full Moon

I've added some pictures to my Sunrise, Sunset & Rainbow photoset. This captures dawn as we take the only road down to Boulder that remains open after the floods. Hope of a new day. Sunrise on Gold Hill Road

See my other pictures of sunrise, sunset and full moon here.


Photo of the Week-Week 34

Brown Bears at Brooks Falls-Week 34

 Brown Bears at Brooks Falls is the photo of the week for Week 34. Between our trip to Katmai in Alaska, and the floods in Colorado, I've gotten a couple of weeks behind. See the rest of the weekly photos here.


Sep 9, 2013

Leaning on my staff in turbulent waters

I was talking with Mark Ritchie, my spiritual director, when I returned from from a week of fishing with Brown Bears on the Brooks River in Alaska. I was recounting our time on the river and the peace I experience out there. He asked me, “When you return to Atlanta, and find yourself in stressful times, how will you bring that feeling home with you?”

Great question. I thought for a minute, and responded, “I guess I will stop and imagine for a moment standing knee-deep in the Brooks River and recall the feeling it brought, and try to bring that peace into the moment of stress.” Mark asked me, “What will you lean on here, like you lean on your wading staff when things get turbulent in the river?” Great followup. See the post here.IMG_0956



Katmai Brown Bears and the Valley of 10,000 Smokes

Fishing with BearsSpent another day fishing with Brown Bears in the Brooks River while Genie went on an all day tour of the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, the site of the largest volcanic eruption since Santini blew up in 1500 B.C. Here's a sow with three cubs. She parked the cubs by us while she fished.
Sow and her three cubs
Here's the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. See the rest of the pictures here.Valley of 10,000 Smokes



Six Principles for Developing Humility

Even the Harvard Business Review is extolling the virtues of humility in a leader. See their six principles for developing humility here. 


Sep 6, 2013

Fishing the Brooks River with Brown Bears

On the second day of our adventure at Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park, we went out on a guided day of flyfishing on the Brooks River. Genie came with to take pictures and look at bears. You can actually see more bears and see them closer if you are on the river with them. Enjoy the beauty of the Brooks River and its Alaskan scenery. See the pictures here.


Sep 5, 2013

Photo of the Week-Week 33

Flowers in the Fall-Week 33Celebrating wildflowers that are persisting into the fall with this wet summer with my photo of the week. I've been planting wildflower seed each fall, and Scarlet Gilia is one of my favorites. Enjoy the rest of the pictures here. 


Sep 3, 2013

Brooks Lodge in Katmai National Park, Alaska

Ever since we saw Tom Mengleson's photograph of a Brown Bear at the top of Brooks Falls with a Salmon inches from his mouth, Genie and I have wanted to come to the Brooks River. When we found out that our Norwegian friends, Marit Berling and Morten Langoy, were coming here, we could not resist joining them. 

When my son and I were planning a fishing trip in Alaska a couple of years ago, Morten sent me a picture of his friend Trond-Erik Johansen fishing with a Brown Bear in the Kulik River. That introduced us to Kulik Lodge in Katmai. I went there with Andy and my son-in-law Kevin Byrd in 2011. See those pics here

This year, Trond-Erik and his wife Hilde invited Morten and Marit to come to Brooks fishing. Genie and I invited ourselves, and last week we all met up at Brooks Lodge in Katmai. It took four plane rides to get here, landing in the Nankek Lake by floatplane. See the first day's bear-watching here.


Resources for Mutual Submission

There is much debate about women's role in church. I think Rachel Held Evans brings some nice balance to the debate with her post on resources for mutual submission. Love to hear what you think. See it here.


10 Ways we water down the Gospel

UntitledGreat post on the ways we water down the Gospel so it does not challenge us. See it here.


Aug 27, 2013

Photo of the Week-Week 32

Long-tailed Weasel-Week 32A Long-tailed weasel showed up in our yard at dusk hunting squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. This is only the third time we've seen one of these. See the rest of the pics here.