Apr 22, 2012

Amazing Footage of Planet Earth

Watch this in full screen. It's incredible video from the Space Station.

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Apr 14, 2012

Either/Or divides while Both/And allows multiplication

I was walking the dog the other day, listening to music. When this song from Casting Crowns came up in rotation, it inspired to write a post about the need in churches for both pioneers and settlers. Mike Breen makes this point as he talks about the fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4. So, take a listen. Read my post here.


Mar 5, 2012

Sunrise. Sunset and Moonrise at Eagle Peak

As we leave Colorado, we leave behind memories of wonderful sunrises, sunsets and full moons rising over Boulder. Here is a collection of video images, and look here for Sunrise, Sunset and Rainbow pictures.


Mar 3, 2012

Smokey: The Snow Torpedo

We got 36" of snow overnight a few weeks ago at our cabin in the mountains above Boulder. We went out to ski down the driveway, and found ourselves sinking knee deep with skis on our feet. Smokey, our keeshond, kept sinking completely out of sight, running under the snow like a mole moving undergound. Every few feet, he would jump up to get a breath, then disappear again. Here's a short video of the fun.


Dec 29, 2011

Texas Teen Leaves Behind Inspirational Video After Christmas Death

Incredible story of teen's near death experiences that brought him faith in God and angels. See an article about Ben here.


Dec 18, 2011

Still looking for a Christmas Eve Video telling the Christmas Story?

Mike Breen and his friends at 3DM passed along this video retelling of the Christmas story. Quite touching, give a look.


Dec 14, 2011

City on a Hill: how the body of Christ brings unity out of diversity

I was listening to this song as I walked the dog through the park. As I pictured the story unfold, I heard a wonderful description of how the body of Christ is designed to work, bringing very different people together with one purpose and Spirit. I googled the song to get the lyrics, and found this interview with Casting Crown's lead singer explaining the story behind the song. And, here is a video of the song itself.


Dec 10, 2011

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Watch the trailer for this new documentary. It tells the story of the most famous Sushi chef in the world, who at a very advanced age is still pursuing perfection in Sushi. He says to his son, "You must make Sushi for the rest of your life. You must love your work."

Hear the obligation the old man is living under as a perfectionist? Hear the obligation he is putting on his adult son? Is he free to say NO? Is his son? Where do you think they are placing their identity? Do you think God wants to support the idea that we should get our identity from our career? So, look at the trailer, then look here for more thoughts: Does your identity limit spiritual growth.


Dec 8, 2011

Be Born in Me

Beautiful retelling of the Christmas Story


Dec 4, 2011

Structures: Creating your Life online course from Robert Fritz

I studied for several years with Robert Fritz. His work helped change the trajectory of my life. Robert Fritz teaches you to apply the same creative process that artists use to your life. Learn how you organize your life so you can achieve what matters most to you. Find the online course here.


Nov 16, 2011

His Love is for us All

Beautiful reflection on Ezekial 34


Nov 9, 2011

Scot McKnight defines the Gospel

Wonderful video about the need for clarity about what we mean by the Gospel. Check it. Here is part 2.


Nov 1, 2011

Re-Imagining Theological Education | 3DM from Doug Paul on Vimeo.

The Problem with Seminaries....

I've spent a decade observing Lutheran (ELCA) Seminaries and hearing from the pastors who feel so unprepared to enter ministry. Discipleship is all but lost in most Lutheran churches. Only 10% of ELCA churches have added one person to average worship in five years. Seminaries are a root cause.


Oct 19, 2011

Trout swimming in the water

We visited the Orvis flagship store in Manchester Vermont. At the back of the store, they had an indoor/outdoor pool full of huge trout. I saw Browns, Brooks, Rainbows and Cutthroats. I grabbed my camera and shot some video of the trout gliding by.

I interspersed the video with pictures of Rainbow Trout I took up in Katmai National Park where we fished the Kulik River in September. The underwater pictures I took by shoving my waterproof point and shoot under the water as we released fish I caught. Interesting effect.


Oct 18, 2011

Touring Vermont in the Fall

For my sixtieth birthday, we returned to Vermont, where we spent the winter of 1973-74. We lived the simple life near West Rupert, in a two room hunting cabin, with an outhouse, a woodburning stove, and water running in the creek across the road. It was quite an emotional experience driving those backroads again, finding the cabin as we remembered it. The fall colors were at a peak as we reached West Rupert. Come enjoy the anecdotes and the rest of my photos here.


Oct 17, 2011

Vermont Recovers from Irene

Spent a week in Vermont celebrating my 60th birthday. We went up to see the fall leaves, and to visit a town where we spent the winter of 1973-74. We arrived six weeks after Hurricane Irene devastated the state with the worst flooding in over 100 years. Shot this video and some other pictures of the damage, and how Vermonters have pulled together to recover. Inspiring to see such a response. See the rest of the story.


Oct 8, 2011

What if we made disciples instead of building churches.

Absolutely moving. Love the video


Oct 4, 2011

Brown Bears of Katmai

In addition to the still photos in my story on the Brown Bears of Katmai, I shot some HD Video. Here's the result. Check it out.


Sep 28, 2011

City Church Eastside: the first three years

I've joined the staff of City Church-Eastside to help out with strategy and leadership development. Some of my friends have asked me about the place. We just cut the tether to the mother church, Perimeter, and became a self-sustaining church. Plans are to plant another expression in Downtown Atlanta in the next year or so. This clip tells the story.


Jun 14, 2011

Dallas Willard talks about the Spiritual Disciplines with John Ortberg

Dallas Willard is one of the spiritual giants alive today concerning the practice of the spiritual disciplines. I'm studying the Renovare Study Bible now, a product of his work with Richard Foster. Check out his comments about these practices.


Jun 11, 2011

Keep Mining Interests out of Bristol Bay, AK

I'm headed up to Bristol Bay fly fishing just after Labor Day. If you've ever seen the grizzly bear catching a salmon at  waterfall, it's probably Brooks River Falls, right near Bristol Bay in Katmai National Park. This is truly pristine land, and supports many fly-in guided fishing trips, lodges, and float fish trips. Tourism is the major source of revenue for the whole place. The scale of this mining operation will be a catastrophe for the environment. For more info, check out @SaveBristolBay on Twitter.


May 19, 2011

Missional Community: Renovation Church, Grant Park, Atlanta

Good look at how missional communities are unfolding in Grant Park through the work of Renovation Church.


Apr 20, 2011

Old Fourth Ward Park: Atlanta BeltLine

There is an amazing project coming out of the earth near our Candler Park neighborhood called the Atlanta BeltLine. One of the first elements is the Old Fourth Ward Park, the redevelopment of a wasteland into a wonderful urban park with a stormwater runoff lake, trails, fountains and greenspace. This video is about the Old Fourth Ward Park. The BeltLine encircles the intown neighborhoods in the city, and will guide city development for the next 50 years. It is the reclaiming of abandoned railway and converting to light rail, hiking/biking trails, mixed use development and housing. This is the most optimistic thing the city has done since the 1996 Olympics. Makes me proud to be an Atlantan.

Here is a video on the overall project.


Mar 30, 2011

FundGiving, a new 'do-gooder' web exchange

My niece, Amy Wolanski, has quit her job to start a social entrepreneuring venture called FundGiving. Check out the video. Give your time, talents and treasure to support the causes you are passionate about.


Mar 6, 2011

Elk in the Meadow from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Elk in the Meadow

On our last night at the cabin, we were graced with a visit by eight bull elk who came out to say goodbye right at dusk. I got a Canon EOS T2i Rebel Digital SLR for Christmas, and I was shooting through my Canon L Series 100-400MM lens. The elk were about 100 yards away. Follow this link to more photos and another video, this one of the fall rut in Rocky Mountain National Park as bull elk bugle to gather their harem, one of the most intersting sounds you will hear an animal make.


Feb 16, 2011

Mountain Lion in the Back Yard from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Mountain Lion in the Backyard

Photo by Beverly Gholson

We were a quarter mile from the cabin this morning, snowshoeing up a trail on the mountain behind the house when we saw some big tracks crossing our trail in the snow.  "Looks like it was dragging something," Genie said.  I looked down the hill and saw a fresh mule deer kill about ten feet away.  Looked like it had been killed last night and just fed on once.  Lions stay close to their kill, which they feed on for days.  So, we beat a hasty retreat. Went back up that afternoon and shot the video above. Warning, Video contains footage of the Mule Deer carcas.  See the story here.


Feb 14, 2011

Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture

In this incredible talk, we get glimpses of the possibility of solving some of our most intractable problems if we just mimic what we see in nature.  God reveals Himself in the creation, if you want to know God, study the creation.  And, here is an example of where extraordinary results come from doing so.  Thanks to Nathan Swenson-Reinhold for pointing out this piece.


Jan 22, 2011

Mike Breen: What is a missional community? from Verge Network on Vimeo.

Mike Breen on Missional Communities

 Wikipedia's article on Missional Communities talks of Mike Breen's work.  I've spent three days at 3D Ministries with Mike and Steve Cockram, and I think this is the real deal. Find two videos by Alan Hirsch, one on Missional Incarnation, and in the other he talks about Breen's 3DM work.