When we finished our cabin in 2002, we xeriscaped with native plants. It was a drought year, and we had to water all summer. After that, with only the 18" of rain we get a year, we get a riot of wildflowers that start within days after the snow melts, and continues until Labor Day.Blue Penstemon

My son and some of his CU-Boulder friends did the landscaping the summer we built the cabin. After watering the first year, we've let it go native. Each fall, after the first snow, I cast several pounds of wildflower seed on the property. I plant Blue Flax, Indian Paintbrush, Columbine, and Scarlet Gilia. We get new plants each spring, and it's fun to see them grow and spread.

Many of these flowers pictures are from our cabin at Eagle Peak. The rest are from the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and Rocky Mountain National Park.