For most of my Christian walk, I have been in churches where we take communion every week. For decades, the sacrament did not hold deep meaning to me, and I never experienced God during communion. One of my friends, Amy Little, wrote a blog post about the sacrament that got me thinking. Find her blog post here.

I spent five years working to create a three-year leadership learning community we called the Transforming Leaders Initiative (TLi). During a major point of conflict in my work with the TLi, I had a very contentious phone call with the president of one of our seminaries. I was quite taken aback by the call, and needed to think and pray about the situation. I told my wife I needed to meditate before we headed off to dinner.

I sat in a darkened room with my eyes closed, a candle flickering in the corner. I was praying for Jesus to give me the strength to endure all of the challenges I was facing. All of a sudden, in my mind's eye, a red circle of light formed, seeming to hover in the air. Then it's shape changed into what looked like a tear drop of blood falling through the air. It continued to drop out of the air, until it seemed to just splash on my chest. At that moment, I heard this, "What more do you need to strengthen you than a drop of My blood?"

I sat still for minutes in awe of the experience, thinking, “Did that just happen?” The picture was so vivid, the words so clear. This was one of the rare times that I heard a clear answer to my prayers, right then!

The next Sunday, as I approached the altar to take communion, the words, “this is my blood, shed for you,” took on a deep meaning as never before.  It has been a couple of years since then, but I’ll tell you that I have never looked at communion in the same way again. The sacrament is no longer a metaphor to me. I am strengthened by that drop of Jesus’ blood. I remind myself of that each week. May the blood and body of Jesus bless you and strengthen you for the journey down God’s faint path, through all its twists and turns, through valleys and peaks, through whatever challenge you face.