Fall Comes Early to the High Country

Our cabin is at 9000 feet. As much of the country is still sweating through the heat, the sure signs of fall arrive early in Colorado. Pictures in this set begin on walks in the forest around our cabin, studies of the micro climate. As the views go to the macro, we are first in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, and then Rocky Mountain National Park. So, take heart, cooler weather is coming.

If you'd like to see more of the Aspens in their glory, check out Aspens in the Fall. If you'd like to see more of the Elk in Rut, check out Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Groundcover turns color

Some of the early cover comes in the low ground cover, which is turning red and yellow.

Montane zone

The climate zone from 8-10,000 feet in Colorado is the Montane zone. We have a lot of Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine, with a few Limber Pines and Douglas Firs. Aspens proliferate at this elevation.

Color on the slope behind the cabin

We cleared the pines off this slope as part of our fire mitigation plan. Now the bushes, flowers and aspens are multiplying

Just beginning

Aspen groves are clones, essentially sharing a root structure. So, you see whole groves turning color at just the same time.

1890's Log Cabin

A mining cabin in the National Forest near our cabin.

Continental Divide

Indian Peaks Wilderness above Long Lake

Niwot Ridge

One of our favorite trails goes up on the ridge.

Snow on the ridges

The first snow of the fall

Mount Meeker gets first snow

It can snow any day of the year at 13,000 feet, but this is the first big storm.

Bull Elk in the high grass

Rocky Mountain National Park

Big Thompson meanders thru Moraine Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Big Thompson greenway

Rocky Mountain National Park

Aspens turn together

The clone turns color all at the same time.

Hummingbird Mine

Tin sign at a gold mine near our property

Patterns in the Snow

Where the snow is dropping out of the trees I find incredible cloud-like patterns

Moose Stained Glass at Cabin

The afternoon sun streams through this glass lighting it up.