The Johari Window is named after the first names of its inventors, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. I first encountered it when we engaged Dr. Billy Browning, a Physchologist who consulted on Organizational Development, to help us restructure our company. As we moved into a team-based structure, we did extensive team-building work. Part of that work was helping team members become more self-aware, and to respect different styles.

To help in team-building, Dr. Browning used the Joahri Window. Here is an illustration.

The upper left quadrant is my public self. This is the part of me that I am open to showing the world. This part of me is both known to me and known to others. The purpose of working with the Johari Window is to expand the open quadrant, while shrinking the other three.

The upper right quadrant is my blind side. These are things I am not aware of in my life. Others can see this side of me, but I am blind to it. I can expand my Open self, if I am willing to hear others when they share what is often painful feedback. If we are willing to grow through the pain, we will solicit such feedback from others.

The lower left quadrant is my Hidden self. It is Known to me, but Unknown to others. This may include bad habits, sin in our lives, things we are not proud to admit, and would like to keep from the light of day. This quadrant shrinks in two ways, through self-disclosure or exposure. I tell or I get caught.

The lower right quadrant is my Unknown self. This quadrant shrinks through other's observations, self-discovery, and shared discovery. I also think this is a prime quadrant for the Holy Spirit's work, shining light on unconscious motivations, unhealthy structures, opening our eyes to the idols in our lives and work, etc. Counseling and therapy often bring things from the Unknown into the light of day.

I have also seen Structural Consulting, which I studied for several years with Robert Fritz, bring to light unconscious structures that can be self-defeating in our lives. Once people can see these structures, they can begin to discard the distortions of reality they were believing, contributing towards a movement to health.

Work that I did with the Fritz's, continuing work with my spiritual director, and monthly visits with my therapists continue to help me discover things in this dark corner. As we enlarge the Open side of our life, we become more transparant, discover better relationships, and move towards health. The Johari Window can be a great tool for work and team settings to help build stronger relationships, and work together better.

I also find that the more self-aware we become, the more fluent in our own gifts, strenghts and weaknesses, the easier it is to find God's faint path. If God has a plan for our lives, it seems obvious that he would have wired and gifted us to carry out that plan. The deeper we know ourselves, the easier it is to see the shapes in the mist that mark the path God is calling us towards. Look here for more on the Johari Window, along with useful diagrams and questions for expanding your Known self. For more on your Calling as a Christian, look here. Life Keys is a course I facilitate that is a great tool in self-discovery.