Manmaker '13

17 leaders from City Church Eastside are gathering at Eagle Peak for four days of learning, rest, outdoor sports, and fellowship. Most of the guys arrived Thursday afternoon and went snowshoeing before we started our retreat conversation. Had a wonderful dinner of Prime Rib thanks to Derek, and after a few glasses of wine, everyone crashed early.

Friday we spent the morning in retreat mode after everyone spent some time in quiet reflection. Our prayers to close the morning devotion on the deck were interrupted when an eagle soared past. Later in the morning two moose showed up in the back yard. We all took an awe break to watch a female moose, who looked pregnant, browse the bushes with a young moose that was much smaller, maybe 2 years old. 

After doing some Discover your Design excercises after lunch, the group headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park for hiking or fishing. Saturday was more of the same, only the hiking group took off on snow shoes and made it almost to Chasm Lake at 12,000 feet. We all then met at Mary's Lake Lodge for dinner. 

Spring Snow at Eagle Peak

18" the day we arrived on top of 2 feet four days before.

Can you see my Jeep?

It's hiding under the snow, with just a mirror showing.

Not making much power

Solar panels covered in snow. Time for the backup generator to crank.

Bryan on Skis

Flatirons in the distance

Twin Sisters

You can see the depression of our fire pit, and the snow covered picnic table

Coyote in the Drive

Looked up from my desk to see him in the yard. He was headed down the drive when I got the camera. Stopped when I whistled. He was around the cabin all winter tormenting the dog.

Manmaker dinner

Prime Rib and all the fixings. Impressive plate full of food. Then, he went for seconds.

Trekking up Deer Mountain

The guys post-holed through knee deep snow up Deer Mountain in a Manmaker challenge.

Derek the Chef

Slicing up Prime Rib

Trent hooks up

Fishing the Big Thompson River with the crew of fly fishermen

Headed towards Chasm Lake

I sent the guys out towards Estes Cone off the Longs Peak Trailhead. At the fork in the road, one of them said, "Gregg said we can't make it to Chasm Lake." So, they had to try.

Snowshoes leading the way

Five guys in snow shoes laid down a track in the snow for the three who did not have snow shoes.

The Last Ridge

The guys got almost to 12,000 feet overlooking the lake when it was time to turn back and meet the rest of us for dinner.

Hummingbird Mine

Tin sign at a gold mine near our property

Patterns in the Snow

Where the snow is dropping out of the trees I find incredible cloud-like patterns

Moose Stained Glass at Cabin

The afternoon sun streams through this glass lighting it up.

Elk in the Meadow

Wonderful wildlife this trip. Coyote, moose, elk, deer, eagles all came our way.