Genie and I hosted our three pastors and ten laymen at a men's leadership retreat for City Church Eastside-Atlanta out at our cabin, Eagle Peak, Colorado. In early May, the weather at 9000 feet is iffy. We were blessed with wonderful weather, warm and sunny through the weekend.Then, on Sunday, right after everyone left, it started snowing. By the next morning, we had over 8 inches of fresh snow.

We are a church plant that cut the tether last fall from our mother church. Now, we are envisioning becoming a church-planting church. While we were here, we shared dialog and learning, fellowship, food and fun. From hiking mountains to fly-fishing to Manmaker challenges, people were stretched to their limits. A grand time was had by all. Enjoy the photos.

Eagle Peak view from Gold Hill

View of Eagle Peak from the next ridge. Note Longs Peak in the background

Beaver Pond in Left Hand Canyon

About 3 years ago, beavers built a pond right next to the road. We stopped on the way up from Boulder.

Log Fort

My son, my caretaker, and I built this fort for our granddaughters, and other kids who visit.

Cabin circa 1890

Old mining cabin just off our property. We are surrounded by gold mine pits

Mine Shaft

We found this mine shaft just above a huge mound of rocks that had been excavated. Saw a bobcat nearby last winter. Great den for black bears

Hessie Trailhead

After our first day's work, we went fishing and hiking up in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Some of us fished Boulder Creek up to the waterfall, while others hiked to Lost Lake and the snowfields beyond

Hessie Trailhead

Headed to Lost Lake

Peering into the Void

Bryan at the Falls

Lost Lake Shelf

Lost Lake is just past the low notch

Exploring the falls

Little do they know, i slipped at this same spot and fell a couple of years ago, lost my fly rod over the falls.

Calm waters of Lost Lake

With the Indian Peaks and the Continental Divide in the far distance

From the Lost Lake Chutes

The guys post-holed through knee-deep snow up into the Avalanche chutes above Lost Lake. My son used to snow board out of bounds from Eldora, and come across these chutes. One time he triggered an avalanche here.

Feats of Strength

After the hike, still time for a Manmaker challenge

Manmaker Challenge

Pushups after a long hike, post-holing through the snow above the lake, and coming down

Try this!

If I'd known they were gonna throw the logs around, I woulda got out the chainsaw, and have them stack them into a lodge.

Campfire View

The fire pit around from the house is where we did devotionals and told stories. Here is the view.

Full Moon over Boulder

Viewed from the deck.

Full Moon

Laughter, loud talk, cigar smoke mingled on the deck late into the night with the full moon rising

Twin Sisters in RMNP

Looking at Twin Sisters in Rocky Mountain National Park from our Campfire circle, inspired the last Manmaker Challenge: summiting Twin Sisters after gaining 2428 feet of vertical elevation to reach 11,428 ft.

Fishing Lily Lake, RMNP

We went up to Lily Lake, which is right across the road from the Twin Sisters Trailhead. Both give spectacular views of Longs Peak, Mt. Meeker and the interior of Rocky Mountain National Park. Fly fishermen stay at Lily Lake and cast for Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Enos Mills

When you believe that God reveals Himself in His creation, this statement contains much spiritual truth.

Historic Cabin

Just a short distance from Lily Lake

Jason casting before Longs Peak

Longs Peak is one of three fourteeners on the Front Range, and the only one in Rocky Mountain National Park. From Lily Lake, you are seeing Estes Cone and Longs.

Longs Peak View

Lily Lake foreground

Lily Mountain

Jason and Trent casting along the shore

Golden Mantel Ground Squirrel

Also called a Copperhead

Copperhead begging

Came out whenever someone sat down at the picnic table. Been spoiled by table scraps?

Death and New Life

As Aspen groves green up in the warm spring sun, dying tips of pines in the foreground remind me of the pine beetle epidemic infesting our mountains.

Aspens & Mountains

Longs Peak to the right, and Mount Meeker to the left

Estes Cone Silhouette

Sun lights up the clouds

Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Cruising along the beach. Males are deep red underneath with a green back.

Reid catches one

See the flash of red on the Greenback Cuttie

Female Greenback Cutthroat Trout

Surfing a wave at the beach. Her coloring is not nearly as vivid as the male

Catch and Release

Greenback Cutthroats are a threatened species that only lives in the Front Range of Colorado. Fising in these waters is all barbless hooks and catch and release.


Fishing while looking at his phone

Twin Sisters

Add a description…While we were fishing, others were attempting Twin Sisters. The summit is at 11,248, only reached after gaining 2248 in vertical elevation from the 9000 ft trailhead.

Back from the trail

Jack looks back at Twin Sisters

Having just climbed Twin Sisters in 1'40" and run back down in 45", Jack looks back at the peak with Longs Peak in the background

Sun today, snow tomorrow

Bloom poking through the snow

Beaver Pond in the snow

Add a description…One day after sitting around Lily lake in tee shorts and shorts, we got 8" of snow at the cabin

Spring Storm

Got home from a visit to our family in Ft. Collins to find a snowstorm raging at the cabin

7" of snow May 6

With another couple inches falling after dark. Driving out in the morning was an adventure.

Wine & Cookies by the Fire

Watching the snow fall after an epic Manmaker 2012 weekend, Genie and I eat cookies while drinking Pinot by the fire

Eagle Peak in the Snow

After a beautiful week of spring flowers, winter visits once again