This summer brought a focus on family as our daughter Florrie gave birth to Leo in late June. Florrie, Annabelle and Leo spent three weeks at the cabin in Colorado with us. We spent weeks in Atlanta and Colorado helping out with grandkids. It is so wonderful to bring our three granddaughters together. Now, a grandson arrives. So, my very infrequent postings were as a result of this focus on family.

The night we returned to Atlanta, my mother went into the hospital. She spent eight days there, and then came home to hospice care. She died peacefully October 18. She taught me what unconditional love looks like. God bless her and bring her home.

Mom as a young woman

Mom at the beach

Milbre Blake Currey Burch

Milbre Blake Currey Burch

My mother was named after her father.

Mom at the beach shack at San Pedro, CA

Mom in Washington during the War

At the Beach

Leaning on the Car

Posing on a Rock


At the beach


Mom & Aunt Joy

My father and mother with Grandpappy


Milbre & Bill Burch on the porch swing

Bill & Milbre Burch 1943

Bill & Milbre Burch 1943

William Woodrow Burch and Milbre Blake Currey taken at the time of their wedding, just before he was deployed to India and Burma.

Bill Burch in a picture from the war

Sundress at the Beach

Closeup of Milbre

Mom & Dad & ?

Bathing Beauty

Mom & Dad at the beach

Mom, Dad, and Trav

Another sunny day

New Mother

Moms, Aunt Joy and Kids

Mom & Travis

Toddling Travis

Happy Family

Do we really need a baby brother?

Do we really need a baby brother?

Gregg arrives on the scene

At the Beach with Kids

Bill, Milbre, Travis & Gregg at the Apartments

Mom & Dad

Mom, with Travis and Gregg

Mom, Grandmother Florence, and the three kids

Bill & Milbre

Moved into the house

Christmas on Statewood Road

Milbre & Bill

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Bill, Milbre, Milbre Jr., Jean

Milbre Jr & Sr, with Jean

Mom & the Kids

Mother, Father & Sister

Mom & hand puppet

Gregg & Genie's wedding

Gregg & Genie's wedding

with Aunt Jean Currey, Father Bill, Mom, Sister Milbre, and brother Travis

Trav & Susie's wedding

Milbre & Gregg with Florrie

Milbre & Gregg with Florrie

Her first grandchild

Mime Milbres

Evening Wear

Happy Times

Mom, Jean with Charley & Pat

Mom and Aunt Joy

Mom and Aunt Joy

My father's sister

Mom with Joy

On the road again

Mom with Katy Blake & Elizabeth

Easter with Gregg's family

To the Carribean

Jean & Mom

Jean & Mom at Lake Louise

Florrie's graduation from Vanderbilt

Mom in Hawaii

Silly Hats with Berkley

Mom & Jean play piano

Play Time

Whitewater Rafting

Mom & Elizabeth

Jean & Mom go Paddlewheeling

Pink Hats

Panama Canal Cruise

Mom in her beloved Bug

Galapagos Family Trip

Galapagos Family Trip

Mom had such a good time on her first trip to the Galapagos that she took the whole family on a Lindblad trip.

Galapagos Lindblad Cruise

Mom & Gregg at the Twelve Apostles

Mom & Gregg at the Twelve Apostles

On the Great Ocean Road in Australia 2000

Genie's Mom Mildred, Genie & Mom

Genie's Mom Mildred, Genie & Mom

on an Alaska Lindblad Cruise

Zodiac Cruise

Zodiac Cruise

In Glacier Bay with Lindblad

Mom at home

Mom with her first Great Grandchild

Mom with her first Great Grandchild

Genie, Gregg, Miya, Andy, and Mom

Another Family Trip

Another Family Trip

Mom took us on a Lindblad cruise to the Sea of Cortez

Burch Family Photo

Mom on the Rocky Mountaineer

Charley & Mom

Charley & Mom

joined us for a train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff in the Canadian Rockies

Mom & Charley at the top of the Gondola

Mom in 2010

Christmas 2010

Milbre, Nick and Milbre Jr

Mom and Travis 2011

Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad

Milbre Jr & Sr, Nick & Mary

Genie's Mom, Florrie & Kevin, Genie & Gregg, Mom & Trav

Home Concert for Mom

Home Concert for Mom

Milbre Jr arranged several home concerts for Mom from among her musician friends

Mom with Trav

Gregg and Mom

Florrie, Mom & Jessica

Wearing our paper crowns


Mom with Yum Yum

Trav & Mom enjoy dinner

Smiling Milbre

Mom with brother Charley & Katy Blake

Mom & Jessica

Trav & Mom with Jessica & Jordan

The thinker

Mom with Katy & Elizabeth

Mom with Katy & Elizabeth

Milbre Jr's two daughters

Mom & Jessica ready to cook

Susie, Milbre and Jessica Burch

Travis, Susie, Milbre, Jordan, Jessica

Mom with Serena Langston

Mom with Serena Langston

Serena was the primary caregiver for Aunt Jean and also for Mom

Mom & Jessica on her wedding day

Burch Clan from wedding party

Mom at home in the Kitchen

Serious Family Photo Christmas

Jess-Elizabeth-Genie-Florrie-Annabelle-Grandma-Katy 2010

Annabelle and Grandma Cookie Monsters

Christmas Clan gathering

Christmas Dinner

Mom & Jess

Milbre Sr & Jr