Spent the last week of October taking photos of leaves turning in Candler Park. The Golf Course is rated by the Atlanta Journal as one of the top four places to see fall foliage in Atlanta. On the first Monday in November we drove a circuitous route up to Helen, GA, and then on to Unicoi State Park and Anna Ruby Falls. Enjoy the fall colors. This is my favorite season in Atlanta. Enjoy the pics/video.


Fall in Candler Park

Fall in Candler Park

Every morning, we walk around the Candler Park Golf Course with our dog. I carried my camera a couple of times last week, and took these pictures.

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution lists the Candler Park Golf Course as one of the top four spots to go leaf-peaping in Atlanta. I agree.

Cattails & Red Maple

Beautiful Fall Sky

Oak Leaves in the Sun

Oak Leaves in the Sun

on the Candler Park Golf Course

Dogwood Leaves Turning

Where'd the Tree Go

Where'd the Tree Go

A huge oak tree fell over on the Candler Park Golf Course fell over. Here you can see the leaves a vine that grew clinging to the tree. The vine is wondering where the tree went.

Beaver Pond on the Golf Course

Reflections in the Pond

Blue Skies, Red Leaves

Dogwood at the Church

Dogwood Leaves against the sky

Beautiful Candler Park Trees

Beautiful Candler Park Trees

A neighborhood over 100 years old with some beautiful old growth trees.

Maple Turning

Maple Leaf

Red Leaves against a Blue Sky

More Golf Course Color

Looking across the Fairway

Looking across the Fairway

on the Candler Park Golf Course

Headed to the Mountains

Headed to the Mountains

We left early morning and drove from Dahlonega up Highway 9 to Turner's Corner, then cut across to Helen. The morning sun filtering through the trees created some wonderful sights.

Fence line & Trees frame a pasture

Peaceful pastoral scene of a country cemetery

Cattle on the Pasture

Roadside Beauty

Closeup of the Reds

Fall Beauty

Hitting the leaves at peak is a challenge

Hitting the leaves at peak is a challenge

Some places looked like most of the leaves had fallen, and the best color was past. Then, we would come around a curve and see peak color.

Leaning Tree

Riverside Color

Winding Mountain Roads

Mountain Vistas unfold

Color near and far

Ridge Views on the Road

Split Rail Fence adds rustic beauty

Pastoral Scene near Helen

Mountain Cemetery

Chattahoochee River Color

Riverside Park

Looking for the Ridge

Heading to the Waterfall

Hiking to Anna Ruby Falls

Hiking to Anna Ruby Falls

Leaves falling into the water

Streamside Trail

Heading up the Trail

Genie and Smoke enjoy the trail

Cascading Waters

Sunlight filtering through the trees

Boulder strewn Creekbed

Bubbling Brook

Water of Life

Peering into the Woods

Leaves in the Creek

Red Leaves

Bubbling Brook

Love the Reds

Tree hanging over a cliff

Stream Shot

Cascading waterfalls

Genie and Smoke Dog on the Trail

The leaves glow as the sun filters through

Nearing the Falls

Streamside Color

Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls

Gregg & Smoke at the falls

Fall Colors at the Falls

Stream below the falls

More Red

Smokey on the Trail

Smokey on the Trail

At the falls, we took a side trail to let Smokey run a bit. He's used to hiking off leash in the woods.

Fallen Tree

Fallen Tree

Looked like it was ready to fall on the head of some unlucky passerby

Depth of Field

More beautiful reds

Peak Fall Color

Blue Sky Backdrop

Hardwoods turning color

Old Growth

Old Growth

This area was logged and denuded in the 1800's. Now it looks like an old growth forest.

Even Poison Ivy leaves are pretty in the fall

Maple leaf on the trail

Glowing against the sun

Coming back down the trail

Headed home

Highway 75 Alternate

Highway 75 Alternate

Scenic road near Helen

Colorful Ridgeline

Blue Bird Sky

Color on the way home

Pastures and Forests

Beautiful Downtown Skyline

Riding home with Smokey

What's this?

What's this?

Side view of the Martin Luther King artwork on the Path

Back to Candler Park

Fallen Leaf

Fallen Leaf

As we walked down our street, I saw this very interesting fallen leaf.

Shafts of sunlight filtering through leaves

Shafts of sunlight filtering through leaves

Back at the Candler Park Golf Course

Color litters the ground

Halfway to Orange

Colors filter the sunlight

Crowning Glory

Beautiful Red Maple

Ginko leaves hit the ground