After a snowstorm, we arose to see fog in the canyons. As the sun rose in the sky, the fog slowly drained back down the canyon. See Fog at Sunrise:

 Here is a short video of time lapse rising of the full moon on two evenings at sunset:

Full Moon Rising from Gregg Burch on Vimeo.

Here is a clip of clouds racing as a storm moves in at sunset:

Here is a very short surise time lapse video:

Video of sunrise, sunset and moonrise from the cabin.

Most of the photos are sunset and sunrise pictures seen below were taken at our Colorado cabin, Eagle Peak.

Full Moon Rising

Over Boulder and the Front Range

Pink Snow

Eagle Peak sunrise

Morning is Breaking

Pre-dawn sunrise on the Front Range near Boulder

Eagle Peak Sunrise-Week 12

We left the cabin at sunrise, driving back to Atlanta. Our last Colorado sunrise for a while.

Shimmering Lights

The lights of Boulder taken without a tripod. The shaky effect caught my eye.

Full Moon Rising

Blizzard was just clearing from the Front Range. The clouds opened and there was the moon.

Dawn at Eagle Peak

Just as the sun peaks over the horizon, the sky lightens and the snow goes from dark to pink, to yellow to white.

Smoky dawn

The Forest Service has been burning huge slash piles from their wildfire mitigation work. Makes for good sunrises and sunsets.

Boulder at Dawn

You can see the lights of the city and the traffic on the roads 4000 feet below our cabin above Boulder

Gold Lake Dawn

from Eagle Peak

Winter's fog at sunrise

8 degrees this morning when I went onto the deck to shoot some pictures of fog and sunrise.

Goodnight, Yellowstone

Beautiful end to our first day up here.

Sunset Glow over Yellowstone

We were up in the Lamar Valley for some winter wold watching

A City Awakens with the Dawn

You can see the tiny lights of a city four thousand feet below the cabin.

Sliver of Sun at Dawn

Eagle Peak, near Boulder

Hoar frost on the plexiglass

We replaced the log spokes in our porch railing with plexiglass so we can see down to the meadow. This morning, crystals of ice had formed on the plexiglass and were glittering in the sun.

North Star and Crescent Moon

at dawn over Boulder

Fog at sunrise

We got three inches of snow last night, and went to bed in a fog. This morning, as the sun rose, the fog is hanging in the valleys.

Boulder or seashore

When we look out over the flats and it looks like a sea of fog, it is hard to tell you aren't at the shore.

January Sunrise

In the winter, you can get up at 6:30 and see the sunrise. By July, you've got to get up at 5.

Fourteener at Sunrise

Mount Evans is one of three 14ers in the Front Range

Dancing Clouds

beautiful sunrise at Eagle Peak, Boulder, CO

Crimson Dawn

Looking east from the front porch, Eagle Peak, Boulder, CO

Sun peaks over the Horizon, Front Range, CO

view from the porch, Eagle Peak

Dawn's early light

Pink snow at Eagle Peak

Just a crack of Sun

looking east from the front porch, Eagle Peak, Boulder, CO

Sunrise on Mount Evans

from Eagle Peak, Boulder, CO

Breaking Waves of Clouds at Dawn

Flat Irons from Eagle Peak, Front Range, CO

Front Range Storm rolls out

When a low camps out in SE Colorado, it brings damp Gulf air and slams it into the Front Range. All our biggest dumps come from this upslope flow, which wrings all the moisture out of the air. It comes and goes like an ocean of fog rolling in and engulfing us. Then a couple days later, it rolls out.

Red Sky at morning

Looking down off the deck at Eagle Peak, near Boulder, CO

Full moon rising over a storm

The clouds have cleared up here at 9000 feet, but Boulder is still in the storm. It recedes from the mountain valleys like the tide.

Sunrise on Gold Hill Road

As we descended through Gold Hill and down Sunshine Canyon, we stopped and admired the sunrise over the Front Range. Sunshine Canyon is the only way down from the high country right now. The 'Biblical' Flood of September 2013 has destroyed every other canyon road down to Fort Collins and Boulder from the Front Range.

Dawn's Red Glow

The first light casts a pink glow on the fresh snow.

Storm Blows Out

Eagle Peak, Boulder, CO

Dawn over the Flat Irons

The beautiful Flat Irons of Boulder seen from deeper into the mountains.


Eagle Peak, CO

Red sky at morning, sailor take warning

Storm Front arriving today over the Front Range, CO

Mount Evans at Dawn

Pink light on a 14er, viewed from Eagle Peak near Boulder